Proudly South African

We are making a point of manufacturing locally in South Africa. The South African manufacturing industry had been growing strongly in the years 2000 – 2010, since then it is declining. Industry experts say reasons could be that South Africans were consuming less manufactured goods or local manufactured goods were being substituted or replaced by cheaper imported goods.

With regards to the textile industry and leggings in particular, China comes to mind as a big exporting country, producing mass ware for the whole world. At Copper Keep we think it is important to rather spend our money locally, working with professional people right here and making sure that the communities around us have enough income to support themselves.

During the early production phase, we too, were surprised to learn that this doesn’t have to mean that the cost for the customer (you J) is any higher! On the contrary, high import tax and freight costs can be saved, putting us in the position to offer high quality leggings at competitive prices, while of course practicing fair trade policies.

We are proud to be bringing you a product that we can fully stand behind.