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If you love wearing leggings you might have noticed that it’s not always easy to find a pair that’s a bit more than your average black cotton standard piece. Now this is not to say, that there is anything wrong with those universal black cotton tights! They’re essential for every wardrobe if you ask me. But if you’re anything like me and Rod Stewart, they’re just not enough for every day. Leggings are possibly the most comfortable piece of clothing for the bottom half of our bodies, so why limit yourself?

At Leggings Base we’d like to offer leggings that you can wear for everything, a pair of leggings for every occasion.

There are funky printed leggings for fitness, yoga, Zumba, running and everything in between. The ones made from lightweight lycra are awesome when worn on hot summer days, and all of them go well with a simple short black dress for a casual street style.

For colder days or summer evenings we offer velvet leggings in beautiful shimmering colours. They make a sophisticated look and don’t limit your movement like a pencil skirt would.

And to add some sparkle to your wardrobe, there is a range of liquid leggings that shine at night and make a stylish day look when dressed down with an oversized shirt and a pair of sneakers.

Currently we exclusively offer the leggings line by Copper Keep which is manufactured in South Africa, saving those heavy import costs for you.

We have a wide range of styles and prints with new leggings coming out regulary. Have a look!

Who Is Leggings Base
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Who Is Leggings Base
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